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The loss of something or someone close to us whether it be a wife, husband, partner, sibling, friend or even a pet can have a devastating effect on us. It is a proven fact that those left behind after the loss of a loved one need the comfort of somewhere to visit; to lay a flower or a card; to cry or to sit and remember a loved one quietly. A monument gives loved ones a point of focus to help in this grieving process. A monument becomes a part of the family's history and a token of courtesy and respect for the life of someone who was loved. 

Memorials are for the living - a permanent place to connect emotionally with the loss of those we love. They provide an opportunity to honor and pay tribute to those we have lost. And to make a statement about the impact they have had on us, our family and our community. A memorial is a visual symbol that perpetuates cherished memories.

Monuments Styles 
As you know, different countries or nations have different religions and have different requests on the stone colors, shapes, finishing and decoration. We are able to fabricate a variety of styles monuments with different finishing as per your request. In the past years, we have been fabricating and supplying a lots of monuments with very fancy shapes as well as finest granite colors to America, Canada, Australia, Poland, Ireland, England, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Norway, Span, Portugal, Hungary, Russia, Holland, and other countries and regions.
The followings are some monuments photos for your reference. If you need to see any other styles or need any further information, please contact us now!

Mostly, American and Canadian Standard Monuments include Upright Monuments (Serp Top Die and Base), Flat Markers (also called flush markers), Bevel Markers (also called hickey markers), Slants, and Ledgers. Besides, these special cut dies with hand carvings, sandblasted or hand etching designs, and special fancy shapes are more and more popular to American and Canadian markets... Monuments for European markets have much diversity in shape as the people have many kinds of religions. Hundreds of styles with beautiful designs, hand carving, sandblasted carvings or lettering and etching can be supplied to you. Customized designs are offered to suite your customers' personalized need. Monuments for other countries such as Israel, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, etc. are also available in different styles.