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Cemetery Stones
Cemetery stones mainly include monuments, cremation memorials, columbaria, mausoleums, statuaries, monumental accessories, etc. 

Over the years’ fabricating memorials, Rikata has enjoyed an unwavering reputation for excellence throughout the world. So when you select Rikata as your memorial manufacturer, you have also selected a company with a time-honored name in the memorialization industry. 

Designing & Planning
Well skilled experienced designers at Rikata are able to offer you professional drawings, renderings, planning, and landscaping for monuments or monumental projects in a cemetery. 

In addition, with good understanding on the civilization, culture, religion as well as the production craftsmanship for customers’ memorial markets, the designing team makes new monuments designs for customers regularly. Each exclusive and fancy design always gains our customer’s satisfaction. Giving us an idea, you will get an innovative design and planning for your monumental project.

Finishing & Fabrication 
Generally, the main finishing for granite monuments includes polished, honed, sanded, steeled, flamed, bush hammered, rock pitched, etc. Besides, we are able to do some necessary work such as sandblasting, lettering, hand carving, etching, inlaying, antique painting, etc. to make a monument much nicer.   

Quality Controlling & Craftsmanship 
We always remember deeply that the quality is the life of an enterprise!   

In order to supply our customers with good quality products, we set up and trained a team who are responsible for controlling and improvement the quality through the following ways. 
Choose the finest granites. 

Control the quality during the production. 
Heighten the staffs’ awareness of the quality through training. 
Carry out the rewards & punishments regulation for the quality. 

In addition, we usually pay more attention on improvement the craftsmanship. We hold a regular training for our production manager, quality inspector, designer, sculptors and workers in order that they will have good command of the quality standard for the orders. The designs, lettering, carvings and etchings produced by our team of artisans are second to none. This guarantees the quality of our granite and workmanship exceeds industry standards. Each exclusive design is a uniquely hand crafted piece of art. 

Production Capacity 
Hui’an Rikata Stone Products Co., Ltd. is the main manufacturer only for monuments, mausoleums, columbaria and cremation memorials. It has a monthly production capacity of more than 14 containers. Accordingly, the on-time delivery time is always guaranteed. 

Stone Materials 
Mostly, granites are used for monuments as they are superior in natural hardness, low water absorption and stain resistance substance for monumental works because of its beauty and durability. The granite comes in many different colors and grains, and is excellent for showcasing engravings and/or etchings. High-gloss polished finish enhances the natural beauty of the granite and adds durability to weather all cemetery conditions. Of course, marbles are also used for monuments sometimes. A full range of finest granites with various colors are available to you. Please refer to the granite colors list.

The loss of something or someone close to us whether it be a wife, husband, partner, sibling, friend or even a pet can have a devastating effect on us. It is a proven fact that those left behind after the loss of a loved one need the comfort of somewhere to visit...
Over the years, cremation has become a very popular alternative to traditional ground burial. Cremation memorials are a popular choice for traditional memorialization. In addition to the columbaria, many other cremation memorial designs are also available that provide space for cremated...
A columbarium is a permanent structure made up of many standard sizes niches where family members can place urns containing the ashes (or remains) of cremated loved ones.
There is a fast demand for columbaria in a large number of countries as the cremation rate is rising...

Mausoleums are above ground granite structures or buildings for memorializing a family in cemeteries or private estates. Mausoleums allow families to entomb their loved ones in crypts above ground, in a beautiful, private and sheltered place...
As an accessory to monuments, various granite and marble statues are available. We are able to provide you the figures such as Angels, Jesus, Our Lady, St. Anthony, St. Martin, Padre Pio, St. Patrick, etc. in the finest stone and high craftsmanship. The following statues are for our European and American customers...
We supply you with a full selection of top quality accessories which are necessary to your monuments. They include posts, kerbs, stone plaques, vases, flower liners and containers, bronze frames, bronze statues, bronze crosses, bronze flowers, bronze plaques, light holders, etc...