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A columbarium is a permanent structure made up of many standard sizes niches where family members can place urns containing the ashes (or remains) of cremated loved ones. 

There is a fast demand for columbaria in a large number of countries as the cremation rate is rising continuously in recent years and more and more people are choosing cremation for disposition of their own, or of family members, final remains. More and more columbaria are available in some public cemeteries, community mausoleums and churches. 

All individual columbaria are made of all granite and pre-assembled. As for the big project columbarium, it consists of several pre-assembled individual units or modules which are easily installed together by your staff at your project site according to our installation instruction.

Upon customers’ different requests, we have designed or manufactured various types of columbaria including the estate columbaria, cremation bench columbaria, standard columbaria, the customized columbaria and the garden columbaria. Commonly, the estate columbaria are single or double sides with a couple of niches. A cremation bench columbarium looks like a bench, but it has one or two niches for containing the urns. Standard columbaria mostly mean the square and rectangular shapes with single side or double sides. The customized columbaria have the special configurations or shapes such as triangle, pyramid, round, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, and other polygonal shapes. Generally, the garden columbaria consist of several units of standard or customized columbaria with hundreds of niches at a large area in a cemetery. Please refer to the following columbaria with different styles. If you need any further information or more styles, please contact us now. 

With our team of experienced of building, handling, loading and installation for a columbarium, we are uniquely qualified to create a design that will ensure that your columbarium is a spiritually uplifting, attractive and meaningful place for families and friends to memorialize their loved ones after cremation. 

Meanwhile, our well-skilled and qualified designers are able to make different designs for the niche door closure and niche size as per customers’ request. Up to now, we have fabricated many standard or customized columbaria for USA, Canada, France, England, Holland, Italy, Germany, etc. We are able to offer you the detail drawings as per your idea or your rough sketch for a standard or special columbarium project. 

The craftsmanship and production quality are very important for the all granite and pre-assembled columbaria. As you know, it is hard to see if an all-granite and pre-assembled columbarium can last the time in a cemetery after it is installed. To assure maximum stability, we use the clamp (pin) and epoxy system, each independent and each constructed to higher-than-normal industry standards. 

Each pre-assembled standard columbarium is packed by the wood crate with a special pallet so that you can lift the columbarium by straps easily. Each of Some pre-assembled customized columbaria contains an iron hook with threads on one end. Accordingly, all the fully pre-assembled columbaria can be shipped directly to the cemetery or private estate of your preference and can be quickly and easily installed using a local crane service. Besides, we always pack all the granite niche doors separately or fasten them to keep from shifting while in route to its final destination Furthermore, if your project is located in USA or Canada, you may directly get further useful information and convenient service such as transportation and installation from our exclusive agent in USA. 

Unlike the monuments, most standard and customized columbaria are large in size and not all the granites have the big size blocks. Therefore, please contact our sales team for the availability of the big size blocks when you make designing for your columbaria projects.