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Mausoleums are above ground granite structures or buildings for memorializing a family in cemeteries or private estates. Mausoleums allow families to entomb their loved ones in crypts above ground, in a beautiful, private and sheltered place. 

Generally, there are several types of mausoleums such as Private, Family and Community Mausoleums. The crypts of private or family mausoleums range from one to six, and community mausoleums have hundreds of or even more crypts. 

The private or family mausoleums can be pre-assembled with all granite or granite with concrete floor except for the walk-in mausoleums with 6 crypts and community mausoleums with many crypts. For the pre-assembled community mausoleums, it is too large to be loaded in one 20’ even a 40’ container. But, we are able to fabricate each granite piece according to your drawing. The installation and assembling work will be done at your project site after all the granite pieces arrive there. 

With many years’ experience for building mausoleums, we, of course, know how to build good quality and fancy mausoleums. We are able to produce your mausoleums with six different roof styles ranging from a basic flat roof to an architectural gabled ridge roof which combines a gabled ridge top with angled sides and a trim notch at the bottom. 

In addition, we can build both concrete crypt floors and the more elegant solid granite crypt floor. To assure maximum stability, we use the pin and epoxy system, each independent and each constructed to higher-than-normal industry standards. Instead of industry-standard concrete crypt dividers and crypt closures, we use fully polished solid granite crypt dividers and shutters. We use totally solid and natural granite construction (with the exception of the floor on concrete floor models) to provide you the superior above-ground mausoleums. 

All our pre-assembled mausoleums are packed by both the wood crate internally and iron crate externally. We fasten all doors to keep from shifting while in route to its final destination. Each set of mausoleum is packed in a crate with a pair of nylon rope for crane lifting at the site. Each fully pre-assembled mausoleum can be shipped directly to the cemetery or private estate of your preference and can be quickly and easily installed using a local crane service. 

We have many different and beautiful designs including the standard and the customized mausoleums, the family and the community mausoleums for your wide choice. Moreover, we are capable to design a special style mausoleum on the basis of your idea in your mind or your rough sketch. Our drafter will make a plan or 3D drawing through the Auto-cad for your first reference. In case you desire to know what it looks with the real granite colors, the colorful rendering from our artist or even the 3D rendering with the site background by 3D Max will be available to you. 

We take pride in our work and rest assured that you will get the best service and the best crafted mausoleum from us. So please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or any request, our experienced and professional staff will be pleased to give you our assistance.