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Enterprise Culture
Enterprise culture is that it is an energy field that determines how people think, act, and view the world around them. Culture is powerful and invisible and its effects are far reaching. Culture is an energy force that becomes woven through the thinking, behavior, and identity of those within the group. 

Enterprise culture is created naturally and automatically. Every time people come together with a shared purpose, culture is created. This group of people could be a company. Culture is automatically created out of the combined thoughts, energies, and attitudes of the people in the group. 

Good corporate culture is the backbone of enterprise development; it is the common belief and goal for all the people in a company; it is our behavior norm and brand expansion. Unique entrepreneurial culture is the guarantee for a company’s constantly development. 

Our enterprise culture includes Business Idea, Business Policy, Responsibility & Mission, Team Spirit, Enterprise Value, Education & Training, etc. The details for these points are as below.

  To beautify the human environment. 

2.Responsibility & Mission   
   Try our best to meet the customers’ request!
   Try our best to create a wide sky for our staffs’ development!
   Try our best to maximize the profit for the shareholders!
   Try our best to repay our society 

3.Business Idea 

4.Business Policy 
   Fast forwarding
   Constant innovation
   Pursing excellence 

5.Team Spirit   

6.Enterprise Value 
   Mutual benefit and cooperation 
   Create resplendence together 

7.Education & Training 
   a)Encourage the staffs to study or participate in trainings which are held by some training organizations. 
   b)Hold some skill trainings for the staffs for their work every week. 
   c)Invite some experts with high qualifications to train the staffs regularly. 
   d)Send some secondary or senior managers to take part in some business & management trainings.